Summer School

We have got a lot of exciting things happening this summer. We have got Katherine Sarris coming back over from the USA to tour with us again. As well as touring our InterDEPENDance show we are organising a summer school and other events. Please check out our  events page for the latest info.

Check out what else is coming up  on our events page

Beliefs and Vision

Cre8ed4ULord wants to give everyone the opportunity to experience and have a go at a range of creative arts. There are an increasing number of people in the world who are interested in the arts, but it is about time that we as christians reclaimed and utilised these skills to make everyone notice. As an organisation we aim to equip people both young and not so young to enable them to use the medium and styles that suit them. Plus get different ages and gifting’s working together whatever their experience!

Tools we use…

  • Banners – representing God with colours and pictures as we move (Psalm 20v4-5)
  • Staffs – focusing on the power of God and a prop to tell stories (Exodus 4v2)
  • Drums – working together to drum God’s rhythm (Psalm 150v4)
  • Photos – capturing a moment in time and reflect, it’s amazing (Genesis 1v12)
  • Art – creating an image that displays things words cannot explain (Genesis 1v27)

We are always looking for more creativity though!!!

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