Cre8ing Connections with God 2014

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Judging by the great feedback that we received from Cre8ing connections 2014, a great day was had by all who came!

In the morning, a small group came together to worship God through singing and dancing. Over the day, the worship developed to a crescendo with the Psalm Drummers where over 40 people drummed in the name of God. By the end of the day, those remaining were blessed by the talented musicians playing Trumpet, Cello and Piano. To really appreciate the range of bands and music styles, you had to be there. Throughout the day, worship styles ranged from a youth band to a trio playing songs with a country blues feel.

The workshops were popular as ever! Textiles,with Sharon Blackman, was a great opportunity for all ages to come together; each designing their own textile picture to take home. Then there was an opportunity to learn from the bible about how to use staffs. Everyone used staffs to worship; both as a group and individually. plus there was an opportunity to ask the workshop leader questions. Everyone said they learnt something new, which was great to hear!

Now it was time to drum! Psalm Drummers led the 40 strong drum circle with probably the loudest worship session I have ever heard. People from 2 to 70 joined in and loved it! It was a fantastic session! By the end, there were a lot of people with bruised hands but they did not seem to mind.

In the afternoon, those who went to visualisation had an amazing time and said they had never experienced the bible in such an intense way before!   The Art Workshop was an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions; an opportunity to spend time being God’s hands to bring pen to paper. The last workshop gave an opportunity to use material strips and learn the basic techniques; it didn’t quite go to plan but we had fun.

Throughout the day, in the soaking room, anyone could quietly explore the creative prayer stations and spend time listening to God. It was great to see people refreshed and encouraged having spent time talking to their Heavenly Father.

It was an amazing day, so watch this space for more similar events to come…

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