Joy to the world, Chelmsford

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Last year Sally Stephenson and I created our first show together titled ‘Interwoven’ this year we felt God wanted us to combine our skills once again to create a Christmas show. 

The traditional Christmas story is told so often it is easy to just get used to it but we wanted to tell it in a different way to encourage people to think about how the story is relevant to their lives.

One of the best things about the creative arts is you can present stories in different ways and from different perspectives. A great example of this is one of my dances in Joy to the World to the song , “Joseph’s Song “by Michael Card. This beautiful song explores how Joseph may have felt , holding the baby Jesus ,knowing that he is the Son of God. I then took this concept and created a contemporary mime piece that visually represented the story. 

December also saw the first copies on the Cre8ed 4 U Lord magazine ‘Cometh Down’ printed. I have had a vision to create a magazine for a while now and finally the time has arrived which is really exciting. There is loads of information about all the events we are involved in , as well as information about things like flag colours and their biblical meaning. They are only £1(+50P P&P) if you would like a copy please get in touch. 

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