Joy to the World Kelvedon

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There wasn’t even time to unpack the car, the next day it was time to go to Kelvedon for the second show. It was a great show although I did learn one lesson the hard way.

The weather outside was freezing, quite literally below 0, although the room was warm with all the loading stuff in from the car and setting up , I didn’t get an opportunity to warm up properly. Training as a dancer you often get told how important it is to warm up before dancing ,but this time I hadn’t and my calf muscle didn’t appreciate it. But as they say the show must go on…

The first half of the show culminates in a creative Christmas themed dance with a ladder. I love being creative with props and using them to tell stories in different ways. This piece for example looks at how Christmas is not just about the traditions or even just about the birth of Jesus; it is about celebrating the fact that God sent his one and only son down to earth to live as a human and then die to restore our relationship to our Heavenly Father. 

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