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Last September I visited St Maurice in Switzerland to meet with Banner and Flag worshippers from across this world. This year I returned and God expanded the trip in a way that I never envisaged.

This year the conference in St Maurice had only 35 delegates but that didn’t make the presence of God any less powerful. It was a time of great significance to the town and the Abbey which invited many guests from across the world to parade through the town. The parade not only included one of the Pope’s cardinals but the prime minister of Switzerland and more bishops than I have ever seen.

The night before the parade, as we blessed the people at the service with our banners, the bishops and monks invited us to join with them the following day. So, after spending time worshiping together, we lined up either side of the road with our banners and prayed for everyone in the parade. It was wonderful to see banners being accepted by everyone.

But there was more to come with our visit. I felt God ask us to stay on to another conference a week later. This was insane as I was supposed to be returning home to work; but God made it possible. At the second conference we were blessed with the time and space to spend time with our Heavenly Father. With so much creativity in the room, the event culminated in a time of prophesy which required no words; just the banners and movements that God inspired us to do! It was a wonderful time which changed lives.

The conferences were an amazing time of blessing for many of the participants as we experienced intimacy and freedom in worship and prayer. I personally returned to England with new sense of purpose for my life and an increased confidence in my ability to hear God’s voice.

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