The Show

Somebody’s Daughter is a hard-hitting, soulful look into the modern day problem of human trafficking for sexual exploitation, to bring humanity and dignity to the victims on the street and on the other side of the webcam.
Infusion Physical Theatre delivers a bone-jarring, high-energy, 30 minute physical journey through highs and lows of modern life in the digital age, tackling internet porn, human trafficking and the seduction of the human conscience. Through dance, physical theatre and original music Infusion crafts a 3D experience for all viewers of what happens when the attitudes of greed and desire meet poverty and desperation. There is also a schools program that goes with the show titled ‘Just Sex’ aimed at sixth form students.
The performance has been designed to raise awareness of this issue that is affecting more than 800,000 men, women and children who are trafficked each year. They have brought professional dancers from all over the world together to deliver a high energy, bone-jarring look at this topic through physical theatre and contemporary dance.

The Facts

  • Worldwide more than 800,000 men, women and children are trafficked over borders (or moved within their own country) every year
  • 87% of trafficked victims are sexually exploited
  • Human trafficking is a worldwide criminal activity with annual profits estimated to be $36 billion
  • Over 1200 women are trafficked from Lithuania annually, mostly to the UK
  • More than 5000 children are being forced to work as sex slaves in the UK
  • Girls trafficked to the UK for prostitution are in some cases, forced to see up to 30 to 40 clients a
  • Project Type Performance
  • Duration 30min plus Discusion
  • Style Contemporary and Physical Theatre
  • Target age 15 plus