Somebody’s Daughter – Completing the show

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January saw the team come back to the UK to spend time refining and completing the show. This is always the most exciting part of a project when you see all the ideas refined and edited into a real show. 

There were some amazing testimonies that came from it. In the run up to the training I had a calf injury ,so I had to learn to trust God that He was going to get me through the rehearsals and performances. I cannot say it never hurt ,at times it was uncomfortable,but it never impeded my movement. Someone once told me that if you are where God wants you to be ,then He will  give you the strength to do whatever you need to accomplish . This was a great example of this lesson for me. I knew God had called me to be part of this project and He got me through it. 

The premier showing was in the Guild Hall Cambridge, which we were only able to afford through God’s favour . It was a brilliant place to launch the project from. For the opening night we had over 200 people come to watch. As part of the after show discussion we had Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford from CCARHT (Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking) 

The performance I was most excited about , was the one that I arranged to host at my local church. It was really exciting to have such an amazing team of dancers coming to perform in Wickford. The feedback we had was fantastic ; we were really encouraged to hear how the show and discussion made people think about human trafficking in a new way and realise the diversity of the subject. It was great to have a volunteer from Stop the Traffik there to share about what has been happening in this area and how people can get involved.

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