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Worshipping God is usually thought to involve singing hymns or songs. But with many people from several different countries speaking different languages it was simply amazing to encounter a common commitment in prayer and worship using banners and movement. We ministered to one another; no words were necessary as we met and felt the presence of God and we moved as one.

It was my privilege to attend two powerful banner conferences in Switzerland: led by international prophetic banner leaders Claudia Bergmaier from Switzerland and David Stanfield from Australia. I learnt so much about worshipping God in a new way, engaging and learning about the tradition of the church in Switzerland but feeling free to express myself in movement and dance.

The Throne Room Conference enabled everyone to draw closer to their Heavenly Father, exploring God in a revelatory way and experiencing the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.

If you have encountered David Stanfield, you will know that he is an inspired movement and worship leader. David is on the CDF Australia steering committee and is teaching a stream at the ICDF Ghana conference. As we moved and prayed in Switzerland, it became clear to all that God wanted David to come to Britain.

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